Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Explained

Jan 30, 2024

Understand the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)– a roadmap ensuring efficiency and quality in every development stage. Uncover the benefits, delve into SDLC models, and grasp its adaptability to diverse project needs.

What Do Game Designers Do? A Complete Guide

Jan 26, 2024

Dive into the exciting world of game design! In this blog post, discover what game designers do, explore their skills, specializations, average salary expectations, and learn how you can become a game designer.

How to Become a Game Developer: Complete Guide

Jan 18, 2024

Dive into the intricate world of video game development with insights on a game developer's role, responsibilities, and essential skills. Explore the diverse aspects of creating interactive experiences, learn about salaries in the industry, and discover the various paths to become a game developer.

Elevate Your Teen's Tech Skills: Summer Course Registration Is Live!

Jan 11, 2024

Empower your teen with exclusive pre-university summer tech courses! Ignite their passion for technology through hands-on experiences in Mobile App Development, AI, Game Coding, and more. Shape their future with expert guidance. Limited seats available – register now for an unparalleled learning adventure!

A tablet, laptop, and smartphone with coding on the screens.
A tablet, laptop, and smartphone with coding on the screens.
A tablet, laptop, and smartphone with coding on the screens.

What Does a Software Developer Do? The Ultimate Guide

Nov 17, 2023

Learn what software developers do day-to-day, required skills for the role, job trends, salary expectations, and different career paths.

7 In-Demand AR and VR Jobs: Skillsets & Salaries [Updated 2023]

Sept 29, 2023

Unlock your future in XR! Explore 7 great VR and AR jobs in a projected $394B market.

Extended Reality (XR) in Healthcare: Top Use Cases for 2023 & Career Opportunities

Sept 21, 2023

Discover the transformative power of extended reality (XR) in healthcare for 2023, from remote care to VR therapy. Explore top XR career opportunities in this burgeoning field and join the future of healthcare today.

The Future of Gaming: A Journey Through Evolution, Careers, and Exciting Prospects

Aug 29, 2023

Explore the evolution, careers, and exciting future of gaming in our latest blog. Discover the journey of gaming's progress. Dive into diverse industry careers, the global rise of esports, and the impact of AI and cloud gaming.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Extended Reality (XR): Exploring Their Limitless Potential

Aug 28, 2023

Discover the Transformative Duo of 2023: AI & XR Revolutionizing Our World. From OpenAI's ChatGPT to Apple's Vision Pro, explore how AI and Extended Reality (XR) are reshaping communication, work, and play.

5 Best Unity and AR/VR Job Opportunities in British Columbia

Nov 17, 2022

7 Most Prominent Tech Leaders Graduated From UBC

Oct 2, 2022

How Do AR and VR Work and What’s The Difference Between Them

Aug 25, 2022

AR/VR Pioneers from University of British Columbia

Oct 13, 2022

Your Guide to Great Free and Paid Online AR/VR Courses

Nov 20, 2022

UBC Extended Learning Launches Unity Developer Bootcamp: Enrolment Open Now

Sept 20, 2022

Learn Unity and enter the booming XR industry with the Unity Developer Bootcamp by UBC Extended Learning. Gain real-time 3D skills and launch your career in virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D development. Limited enrollment, don't miss out!

Should You Get an AR/VR Certification

Jan 25, 2023

Discover the importance of AR/VR certifications in the booming XR industry. From tech companies like Unity and Microsoft to online schools and universities, find recognized programs to validate your expertise. Gain a competitive edge with verifiable skills and explore the industry-recognized XR courses offered by the University of British Columbia Extended Learning. Equip yourself for a fulfilling career in XR at

5 Best Unity and AR/VR Job Opportunities in British Columbia, Canada

Apr 20, 2023

Explore AR/VR job opportunities in British Columbia's thriving tech sector! From game level designers at Unity Vancouver to senior game server programmers at Relic, find diverse roles for all experience levels. Accelerate your career with the UBC Unity Developer Bootcamp, gaining specialized skills and industry-recognized credentials. Download the syllabus now and stand out in the competitive tech talent market.

Web Designer
Web Designer
Web Designer

Places and Online Communities to Learn and Network About AR/VR in British Columbia, Canada

Dec 8, 2022

Vancouver thrives as a global AR/VR hub, housing immersive tech companies and VFX studios. Join AR/VR organizations for resources and connections. Explore 2023 events for networking and learning. Embrace Vancouver's AR/VR community for career growth and innovation.

UBC’s Most Exciting AR/VR Projects

May 20, 2023

Discover the exciting VR/AR projects at UBC! From the cutting-edge Virtual Reality Lab to the innovative HIVE in the Faculty of Medicine, explore immersive experiences like SimBrain VR, VanVR, HoloBrain, and more. Learn about the XR courses offered through UBC and be part of UBC's commitment to innovation.

Top AR/VR Companies in British Columbia

Feb 11, 2023

AR/VR technology is booming globally, including in British Columbia. Top companies like Archiact, Immersive Robotics Inc., Lumen VR Inc., Northway Games Ltd., Axiom Zen, Dandelion, and Lattice are driving innovation in the region. Learning XR skills now can open doors to exciting opportunities in this rapidly growing industry. Embrace AR/VR and be part of the transformative future.

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This course is delivered by Circuit Stream in partnership with UBC Extended Learning.

© Circuit Stream. This course is delivered by
Circuit Stream in partnership with
UBC Extended Learning.

© Circuit Stream.
This course is delivered by Circuit Stream in partnership with UBC Extended Learning.